A little bit about Dialogue

Both myself and co-owner of Dialogue CrossFit, Marissa, who also happens to be my beautiful partner in crime, have been lucky enough to have been exposed to CrossFit, and performing it for many years between us. Marissa has come from a big background in bodybuilding (don’t hold that against her) before seeing the light and converting to CrossFit, after much convincing from me many moons ago! Actually she was swept off her feet when she met me shortly after a CrossFit competition, so their wasn’t really going to be any other option! Coupled with the fact that she is a Physiotherapist, you have yourself one sweet box owner. Myself, I’m a bit more straight forward; I was in the Army for 6years and was exposed to all kinds of physical training, some i liked and alot I didn’t. Eventually exposed to CrossFit however, I was hooked and settled on it.

We always describe ourselves as CrossFit, because, well it’s the easiest way to describe what we do. We will always affiliate with CrossFit, however, the things you probably all associate with CrossFit (usually the CrossFit Games) is only a very small amount of what it is and what we are about. Through CrossFit we can learn so much about ourselves, find the support we need to achieve our goals and a training style to enable us to smash anything we have in our sights. If you want to lose weight? Easy. If you want to get a bit stronger, but not too muscly? Easy. Also, big boys, don’t stress, CrossFit also doesn’t make you lose size! Realistically, if you want to get in the best shape of your life and be fit enough to live a longer happier life, CrossFit can do this for you. As the saying goes; there is no one size fits all in life – Dialogue is no different!

Marissa and I have trained at plenty of boxes around Australia. All in our humble opinion, boxes do things that we would do differently, and of course, do things that we find positive and that we absolutely love! Learning from these experiences, we had for some time spoken about what we would like to see in a CrossFit box, and what we consider would create the best space for growth in our members. 

For the life of me I can not remember even the conversation we had about opening our own box, except that the next thing we knew, we had ourselves a space and equipment on the way! I have always believed in and followed the feeling of ‘when you know, you know’, and it’s been pretty well spot on. And afterall, if all else fails, we still have another few years on this earth to turn things around.

For those that know us well, you will know that things initially didn’t get off to the best start. But hey, it’s no fun if it’s easy – you can’t learn from that. The important thing is that we remained open, pushed harder and now continue to create our dream. The funny thing is, where we ended up was always where we wanted to be and where we were heading anyway. Just a little sooner than expected. Funny how life happens!

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