CrossFit & the lack of injuries.

If you have heard of CrossFit before, you’ve probably immediately but without even truly thinking about it, associated CrossFit with injuries, or perhaps shirtless huge jacked people! After all, this is the only side of the story you have probably heard so no one is blaming you. For the record though, both are wrong! Well except for the shirtless part, that’s about 75% wrong…

If you are one of the lucky souls that already does CrossFit, you have probably mistakenly entered into at least a couple of unwinnable battles, in the hope of trying to get through to someone that it is possible for them to attend a class without the fear of injury or amputation. Guys and girls don’t stress, I promise you will not leave after a 60 minute session dragging your arm with a rotator cuff tear and bilateral knee meniscal tears. You will be ok!

For those that have never done a CrossFit class, listen up. It runs a little something like this. *Note, if you are familiar with CrossFit, cruise on down to the next paragraph.

  • The session starts with a detailed explanation and demonstration of today’s workout, or what we call the ‘WOD’ (Workout of the Day). Here is where the purpose, intent and expectations for the movement patterns are described, and any clarification or scaling is provided.
  • A specifically targeted warm up is performed, that focuses on today’s movements. Conveniently written and prescribed by Dialogue’s owner and physiotherapist Marissa Seeeeeeeeeeeley!
  • The workout is usually broken into 2-3 parts:
    • Part A: Usually a strength piece or skill portion. Some won’t believe this but, even a few STRICT pull ups make their way in there every now and then! Like all gym programs, CrossFit targets strength and skill, as these are the most important part to efficiently using, growing and maintaining ALL lean muscle mass!
    • Part B: The WOD – The part where we get our heart rate up and build our fitness while performing an array of movements, all of which your beautiful body was designed to do. And of course all of this is scaled and adjusted appropriately to each individually, because well, that’s what CrossFit really is.
  • Cooooooool down, relax, chat, stretch, roll out muscles, recover and mobilise.

Man we get it! CrossFit is fast, involves a lot of high intensity and demands a lot from our bodies. Most of the time anyway. That is the key to the whole thing. It however, certainly does not imply that form, technique or skill is sacrificed for speed or an extra repetition. No one is perfect, everyone has to start somewhere. Just like every other sport and exercise regime, there will always be a learning stage and we will not always be perfect 100% of the time; luckily it is this learning faze that allows us to grow!

At Dialogue we put maximum focus on the individual, we don’t expect any 2 people to perform the same. Everything is self paced. Just like riding a bike. You didn’t start with your dad rolling you down the biggest hill he could find the day you got your first bike, did you? So in saying that, we are not going to start you with the exercises you have probably come to see through social media and YouTube – we are not all made for the CrossFit Games!

P.S. Go and Youtube: Crossfit fails. It’s not a bad way to get a bit of a giggle but DO NOT think this is CrossFit”.

Unlike a lot of the other evergrowing barrage of fitness styles, trends, fads and programs there is no secret pill or tummy tucking pants (even though they look comfy AF). We keep it simple, we encourage hard work and we are rewarded with health and fitness. We show up regularly to slowly build up both our skills and our fitness. Nothing in this world is achieved overnight. We want you to keep getting better, fitter and healthier for the rest of your life. So you can kick your great grandson or daughters ass in a running race at 90 years old!

By Scott.

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