Competition Prep

Hey guys. Here are some tips and ideas that hopefully will benefit you guys for the up and coming comp, and perhaps just for general when you’re in the gym!

What to expect?

Everyone will have to register at 6am at Crossfit Townsville (Kirwan) Saturday. When you register you will be told what heat you will be in. Generally scaled (intermediate division) heats go first. Heats should be released tonight (Thursday). Take note of this and who is in the heat or 2 before so you can track when you’re up. There will be a marshalling area where you will be organised prior to your heat. TSV does a really good job of being organised and assertive so this shouldn’t be too hard. Marissa and I will also do our best to sort all of you suckers out! The day will begin with a small group briefing followed by a run through of required standards and the flow of workout 1. This is always an absolute must listen to, you can save yourself a lot of pain if you really listen and understand the exact standard required on the day. Remember these standards can change based on gym’s, so listen to their exact requirements. Throughout, the day it will continue to flow through all of the heats and then begin again on workout 2, generally there are no set pauses, your rest will be how long it takes for the other heats to cycle through the workouts.

Warming up

This is hard; you’re nervous and there are heaps of people around, but you need to make an effort to warm up prior to each workout, ideally you will be hitting the workout already sweating, AND have hit the numbers in the warm up area that you want for your lifts. Try to continue to do this prior to each workout, it really helps, although it will be very tough to continue to do throughout the day as you begin to fatigue.

Post workouts

I personally go for a 5 minute walk straight after each WOD to calm down, have a chat about the WOD, let it go and move on before sitting down and relaxing. Try to achieve something similar. Relaxing may mean rolling out the muscles just used, stretching, jumping on the airbike or having a nap. This is also the time for post workout nutrition!


Skip the chicken and broccoli, its fucked anyway. I know that most of us try to eat relatively healthy and that’s exaggerated when in a public space. But…add in a bit of a competition, a lot of nerves and a good level of fatigue and chances are you will not want to eat anything at all. Power to you if you can eat your normal meals, and obviously this is ideal but unlikely – and also you don’t want to be bloated and ‘overfull’ from a big meal. So go for the more appealing foods, lollies, bananas, fruit, protein shakes/carb shakes; anything light that you can keep down. Suggested snacks for light options; tuna + rice cakes, bananas/veggie strips + peanut butter, roast chicken pieces, sliced oranges, or snack pack nuts/seeds. Eat a big breakfast before you arrive, chances are, you won’t eat for the rest of the day! Bring heaps and heaps of water and any other dranks you like. Fitaid will be available and there will be atleast 1x coffee/food stall there, and there are shops just down the road.

From experience, having a protein shake + carb powder after a workout is the best way to replenish and recovery the muscles after the short burst workout. BCAAs are perfect in between workouts and something to sip on throughout the day – some even have electrolytes in them! These give you energy, recovery and taste better than plain water. If stocking up last minute, any supp store around town will have the goods – my fav’s are ATP NoWhey protein (as it is not milk based) or EAAs (maybe Cyborg), basic carb powder (maltodextrin, waxymaise, dextrose), GenTec P2P or Xtend BCAAs. At the end of the day, just keep your self fuelled and feeling hydrated; it’s a longish day!


It is a competition so it’s a great chance to go super hard in a competitive environment and see how hard/fast you can go. It is a good chance to compete against yourself, but be mindful of your partner; you’re a team. Remember though that you don’t have to do any of it if you do not want to. You’re not there to risk injury or super prolonged soreness. Only do what you can do. If you are confused at any time, it is okay to ask questions – hopefully someone will know what’s going on! Again remember you’re a team! This is a pairs competition, so look after and support each other!


Go with the intention of smashing it! But expect and be prepared for things to go to shit. Don’t expect to hit the exact same numbers and times you can in training. You may be very sore and fatigued, your hands will be sore and your legs will be cooked, so give yourself a break. Don’t get emotional, don’t complain or carry on. Stay composed and relax – just like any normal day at training. At the end of your heat, pick yourself up off the ground, smile and congratulate every other team after your heats and remember were there to have fun with like minded people. Enjoy yourself!


  • Heaps of clothes
  • Food + drinks (bottle) + recovery
  • Crossfit equipment in a bag

Eg; Towel, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, hand grips, tape, lifting belt, rope

  • Sunglasses, hat

See ya’ll there!


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