Workouts for the Week 01.10.18



Ankle mobility 1min/side

Wrist mobility 1min

2 rounds

5 cal

20 calf pumps

10 WB (heavy)

2 rounds

20 dowel stick external rotations

5 single leg banded goodmornings


Part A

4 sets of 6 @68%

Front squat

*2-3 warmup sets, then hold weight across working sets

Part B


14 Deadlifts @25/40 50/70

12 Situps

10 WB

*This workout is designed to be performed unbroken. Choose a weight for the deadlifts that will allow unbroken sets throughout the workout

*12min cut off



Foam roll quads 1min/side

Banded lat stretch 1min/side

2 rounds

10 bear crawls

10 frog jumps

100m row in power position (flat feet)

2 rounds

10 back extension

10 banded passovers

20 monster walks


Part A

2 sets of 3

Clean pull 90%

2 sets of 2

Clean pull 100%

2 sets of 1

Clean pull 110%

*2-3 warmup sets, then hold weight across working sets


3 power clean

*Aim to increase weight by 1-5kg each minute or until form breaks down

Part B

4min AMRAP

7 HSPU / deficit HSPU

7 GTOH @25/40 40/55

*2min rest

3min AMRAP

7 HSPU / deficit HSPU

7 GTOH @25/40 40/55

*This workout is designed to keep the body in an anaerobic or constantly high working state. Aim to pick a load and movement that can be held unbroken throughout the workout.




3 rounds

10 banded lat pulldown

30 sec ring support

12 single leg KB deadlift

20 hollow rocks

2 laps banded vibrations


Part A

4 rounds of max effort

Strict CTB

Ring dip

2 rounds of max effort

Ring row

Double max effort number banded tricep extension

*Aim to rest 2min between sets

Part B



Pushpress @25/30 45/60

Lateral burpee over bar


*This workout is designed to for you to work hard and push a little more than you want to, especially as the reps start to increase.  


Tabata heavy

Deadlift @40/60 65/80


KBS @12/16 24/32

Burpee box jump overs

*Perform workout in any order




Foam roll lats 2min/side

2 rounds

5 slow ecc pushups

15 banded passovers

10 WB (heavy)

Max bike cal in 20sec


Part A

3 rounds

8 BB hip thrusts

*2-3 warmup sets, then increase weight across working sets

Part B

30-20-10 (Rx) / 21-15-9 (Sx)

Power snatch @15/30 35/50



10-20-30 (Rx) / 9-15-21 (Sx)

Power clean @15/30 35/50


*This workout is designed to focus on pacing. Pick a good RPM and rep scheme from the start and aim to hold it throughout.




2 rounds

2 laps banded vibrations

5 bear crawls

5 ring rows

10 KBS

10 BB good-morning

10 WB (heavy)


Teams of 2 – 1 working, 1 resting

*2min transition time

1: 5min AMRAP

5 rope climbs, 10 Dball over-shoulder-throws (ea)

4 rope climbs, 8 Dball over-shoulder-throws (ea)

3 rope climbs, 6 Dball over-shoulder-throws (ea)

2 rope climbs, 4 Dball over-shoulder-throws (ea)

1 rope climbs, 2 Dball over-shoulder-throws (ea)

Partner 1 to 1 reps on rope climb, then all Dball reps before switching

2: 5min AMRAP

50 C&J @25/30 35/50

50 Bike cal

Break reps as necessary between partner

3: 5min AMRAP



Man makers (DB renegade row + thruster) @5/15 15/22.5

Partner performs 2 reps of both exercises, then switches. Progress to 3 reps, so on. Work to 10 reps, then work back down

4: 5min AMRAP

100m KB Farmers carry (heavy)

HS hold / kipping HSPU

Partner performs KB farmers carry while other partner holding or repping HSPU

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