5 Seconds of Courage can Change your Life: The hardest part is always starting

I’m sure you’ve all heard in one way or another about CrossFit, and I’m sure you’ve also heard all about how intense, challenging and apparently dangerous this new sport is. If you’re lucky, you have also seen the amazing impact it is having on health world-wide. However, you may not have heard or seen behind the scenes of what CrossFit really is. What CrossFit can achieve for you mentally is amazing and so too are the effects it can have on your body – not just the superficial stuff – the way your body appears is a result, but it’s the internal health changes are the things to be the most excited about.

Perhaps you have been to the gym every day for years, or maybe you have only been with a friend a few times before? But I bet there are also a lot of you guys that may not have done any dedicated exercise, you may not have ever found the gym to be appealing in the slightest, or you’ve been too overwhelmed to get started. But recently something has changed that; maybe it’s a want to get healthy, to look good in your swimmers for summer or to be able to keep up with your kids playing… or maybe we just don’t want to get ill and die young from an easily preventable disease. Whatever your reason is, we fully understand that it can be daunting and you might find it embarrassing to enter a gym. Taking that first step into training is hard! But luckily for you we aren’t a gym and those feelings and thoughts you have are always 100 times worse than the real thing – so get those thoughts of negativity out of your mind! We aren’t going to say that you won’t feel uncomfortable starting something new, however, I want you to give me a few moments to show you a different, and maybe unheard of perspective about my favourite sport and how it can change your life!

Now to start, for those new to training just like everyone starting something new, we are all beginners at some point. And beginners are often scared due to two main emotional thoughts; pride and pain. Pride – the fear of losing face and feeling embarrassed. And Pain – experiencing the feeling of discomfort and not having felt this way before. Now CrossFit requires new and different skills. Learning new things is hard, especially learning new things one cannot do well immediately, no matter how hard you try. But true growth is never experienced without a little discomfort. Letting go of your pride in an environment that supports learning and growth is a wonderful thing – that’s when you will really see results, that’s when you can really be you! Welcome!

Now “pain”… Don’t get me wrong, all exercise is painful in some way, shape or form. We are not talking agonising shooting pain but a degree of discomfort. CrossFit pain can be different and difficult to describe. It is not like the pain of running, or even lifting weights; it is an overall feeling of growth, i wouldn’t even call it pain—the feeling that comes from combining running with lifting & moving your body around in the way that it was designed to function; utilising push-ups or pull-ups, pulling and pushing. And guess what? No, this will not kill you; and yes, it is fine to feel this way. This is all because CrossFit is not like other sports. At CrossFit & especially at Dialogue we do workouts that are different every single day – combining different movements, at different intensities, with different intentions. CrossFit trains the entire body, so every workout influences your body in a way different to every other workout. That’s the wonderful thing about it and how we end up feeling so good, moving so well, and functioning better than others! We are preparing our bodies for anything that the world can throw at them. So what you experience here in the Dialogue ‘box’ will ultimately prepare you for anything the world can throw at you outside of it.

At Dialogue, our coaching process starts by getting to know you individually, how your body moves and functions. We start with a fundamentals class which lays down the foundations and explains why we do what we do and how we do it. This fundamentals course helps to address any fears you undoubtedly have, all whilst experiencing self-awareness and feeling of what quality is rather than just going through the motions. Quality is key! Our fundamentals course is a great way to help you to adjust to the new experience, the new style of training and the new environment. We walk you through everything you need to know to get started, to join in on the group classes with confidence and to start kicking ass. This is a significant difference between regular gym and training here at Dialogue. After we go through the initial session, we have the option to trial classes or continue to strengthen your base with further 1-on-1 training. Every session is unique and fun. *A quick note to remember; progress might not initially be clear, but every workout you do is measurable and significantly improving your body’s performance, so hang in there – you are creating change!

A fantastic excuse we hear all the time is “I am not fit enough to do CrossFit” or “I need to get fit first”. First of all, you don’t fix your car before you go to the mechanic? You don’t fix your phone before you call Telstra? Why on earth would you need to get fit before you start CrossFit? Creating and getting people fitter and healthier is literally our entire job. Excuses are a great way to stop yourself from moving forward! You only need 5 seconds of courage to send us a message for some info, 5 seconds of courage to book in for the fundamentals or 5 seconds to forcibly throw yourself out of the car and come in for a class before you talk yourself out of it. Remember it is never ever anywhere near as bad as your brain tries to convince you that it is!

You are going to see a bunch of pretty fit people and plenty of unfit people walking around the box. That happens everywhere, but don’t use the few obvious fit people as an excuse as to why you can’t get into Crossfit – they were just like you at some point but since have worked really really hard for their fitness and their bodies. At CrossFit and Dialogue we are about health; health is not necessarily a six pack, healthy is making you live a longer and more fulfilling life. Everyone’s goals are different so don’t for a second compare yourself to anyone else, wherever you are – you’re you so be different! And remember everyone has started and everyone was new at some point, everyone has felt everything you are feeling now. Getting started is the hardest part but it is also at this point when 5 seconds of courage can change our lives.

Credit to the CrossFit journal for the insight. Here is another take on a fellow athlete’s perspective. If you want to hear it from a man that has been where it all starts, click on the link! http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_Beginner_Parker.pdf

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