Judging a book by its cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover – what a load of bullshit! Come on, we all know we do it, we’re humans. It’s how we make super quick decisions on everything; it’s basically  in our nature to perceive that when we’re in immediate danger or if we do or don’t like something or someone we quickly act! We then link these thoughts to immediate past situations and memories to create similar ideas or judgements in order to prepare ourselves. We can even do it without ever seeing, hearing or speaking to a person. Alot of us think we have an amazing innate ability to accurately and immediately get a feel for someone or something… However, alot of the time we are far from correct!

When we first hear about a person, we see them or we meet them, we immediately make an assumption about them, we create a thought. And the way we think, the thoughts we have, create the way that we feel. The way we feel about a situation or a person controls everything, it’s the way we decide our next step, our next cause of action. The way we think controls everything in our life. Sometimes even without even giving it a second thought we have immediately and potentially indefinitely, set in stone the way we feel about a person, a lot of the time, without actually even communicating with them. Good news is we can control this and take it into account when dealing with new situations!

From experience, people are never who we think they are. I’m sure we have all at one stage or another, encountered that by now! Some people we immediately like just by looking at them! Great, let’s use that and go and say hi; build on that. It’s the one’s we hesitate with or completely avoid, just simply by the way they look or the feels we get from them. Still…give them a hey! If it turns out that they were bad vibes, atleast you tried. Now take a look back. I’m sure we all have been taken the wrong way before or we have been perceived in a way that we don’t think is correct. Instead of judging someone from afar in 0.05 of a second, go and say hello. Ask them a few questions get to know them for a while or just say hey. This will not only build your confidence, but potentially make you a life friend! BONUS! Man, lifes too short to not experience different people because you have a preconceived idea about someone.

In our situation, in a gym training atmosphere what do you have to lose?! I can guarantee to everyone reading this that you will have atleast one thing in common already – you both ended up here in the same place somehow, right!?

The next time you see each other at least you can say hey and continue to coexist with a little more information about each other. Chances are you might not be BFFL but hey, at least now you can actually get to know the person and make an informed decision. We all hate the awkward moment when we don’t know people or when we start to feel uncomfortable. All of that can be avoided with a simple hey. Afterall, that’s all we really want, is to feel comfortable and accepted.

Ignore that bullshit preconceived idea about someone you may have, go and connect and make a real informed decision. I promise, you will surprised!


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