Workouts of the Week 12.11.18



2 rounds

20 bear crawls

12 KB single leg deadlift

10 situps

8 banded passovers

6 banded goodmornings


Part A

2 sets of 4

Straight legged deadlift (slow and controlled)

2 sets of 5

Conventional Deadlift

2 sets of 6

Sumo deadlift

*Perform 2-3 warmup sets, then increase weight across sets and movements

Part B


Hang power clean @25/30 45/60



*This workout is designed for speed. Each movement is chosen to use a completely different muscle group, so transition time should be fast, minimal rest required! *8min cut off


Partnered/rig chest stretch, trigger ball hamstrings on box, abdominal stretch




3 rounds

10 WB (heavy)

2 laps banded vibrations

10 plate OH lunges

5 ring dips / box dips


Part A

4 sets of 5

Front squat

Back squat

*Perform 2-3 warmup sets, then increase weight across sets. Perform both squats before racking the bar

Part B


15 Deadlift @35/40 55/70

10 Lateral burpee over bar

5 MU / ring dip

*This workout is designed to have unbroken reps – scale appropriately. Start the workout with a pace you can maintain for all 4 rounds. 16min cut off


Banded lat stretch, foam roll quads, couch stretch




3 rounds

10sec hollow hold – 10 knee tucks – 10sec superman hold – 10 back extension

2 rounds

10 active hangs

10 wide BB behind the head press

10 BB upright rows

10 plate hip thrusts


Part A

5 rounds

10 controlled banded/unbanded kip swings

10 Ring row

5 TTR (toes-to-rings)

Part B


3 TAG Power snatch

*Increase weight across sets, hold once maximum weight hit

Part C


Pushpress @15/20 25/30



Foam roll lats, foam roll calves, rig stretch calves



High Hang Muscle Snatch + Muscle Snatch+ Snatch Grip Behind Head Press (3+3+3)) x 3

High Hang Jump And Shrug + High Hang Power Snatch + High Hang Squat Snatch (1+1+1) x3

(We’re practicing firing our legs properly with the jump and shrug and then replicating that sensation on the power snatch)

Power Snatch from 1 inch off the floor  + OHS: (2+1) x 2

Front Squat (hold in bottom position 1sec): 3×3

*hold high PLANK for 1min between each set of front squats




4min double KB carry relay (2-3 teams)

2 rounds

20 single leg calf raises

20 walking lunges

5 pike box pushups

2 rounds

10 Resisted single hamstring curls


Part A

4 sets of 8

BB Hip thrusts

Single leg KB deadlift (heavy)

*Perform 1-2 warmup sets for hip thrusts, then increase weight across sets

Part B

15min AMRAP


15 BB backrack lunges @25/30 35/50

15 HSPU / box pushup

*This workout is targeting our aerobic systems; working at a constant pace for a longer duration. Start at a pace and rep scheme that can be maintained for the duration of the AMRAP.


Foam roll quads, pigeon stretch, trigger ball chest/glutes




2 rounds

10 hollow rocks

10 WB


2 rounds

10 banded passovers

1min supported squat


Part A

3 sets of 7


*Perform 2-3 warmup sets, then increase weight across sets

Part B

4x 5min AMRAP 500m run


10min calorie AMRAP

1: 10sec all out / 1min 50sec REST

2: 15sec all out / 1min 45sec REST

3: 25sec all out / 2min 45sec REST

4: 40sec all out / 2min 20sec REST

*This workout is designed for training our anaerobic/lactate systems! To really get the most out for this training, maximum effort must be achieved on the working period, followed by a well deserved rest! Two groups running at once; Team A rests while Team B works ect – 20min workout length.


Trigger ball hip flexor, downward dog stretch (single leg)




2 rounds

20 single leg calf raises

10 KB goblet squats

10 KBS

5 pullups


Individual Chipper

50 WB

50 DU

50 TTB

40 KBS @12/16 16/24

40 burpee

30 C&J @35/40 45/60

30 situps

20 CTB

20 jerks @35/40 45/60

10 muscle ups / strict ring dips

*Start on whichever movement you like, and work your way DOWN the list. 35min cut off


Trigger ball chest, foam roll quads, abdominal stretch

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