WORKOUTS of the WEEK 22.07.19


General warm up

3min squat mobility

1min normal – 1min close – 1min wide

20 banded wrist mobilisers

20 WB thoracic openers

20 active pigeons

10 banded passovers

10 dowel external rotations


10 BB behind head press

Part A – Snatch block

Build to a heavy 6


Specific Warm up

5 BB power cleans + 5 BB shoulder to OH + 5 ring dips

+20 high-slow-jump single skips + 30sec DU different tempo

Part B

‘Pearl Harbour’

12 ring dips

7 power cleans

41 DU

12 ring dips

7 back squats

41 DU

12 ring dips

7 shoulder to OH

41 DU

*15min cut off. F [45] M [75]


Banded tricep stretch 30sec/side

Thread the needle 30sec/side

Foam roll quads 30sec/side

Foam roll calves 30sec/side


General warm up

Banded lying hamstring hold relax 3x10sec/side

6 pullups

8 single leg hip thrusts

10 BB J curls

12 single leg KB deadlift

10 BB snatch deadlift setups

5 BB high hang snatch pull

5 BB hang snatch pull

10 BB snatch pull

Part A – Snatch block

3 sets of 5

Snatch deadlift

3 sets of 3

Snatch pull

Specific Warm up

10m DB OH walk + 20 DB OH lunges + 

+10 easy strict HSPU + 10 step ups

Part B


200ft OH walking lunge

50 single DB step ups

50 strict HSPU

200ft HSW

*18min cut off


Trigger hamstrings on box 30sec/side

Trigger glutes on box 30sec/side

Figure 4 pose 30sec/side

Trigger front shoulder 30sec/side


General warm up 

100m row slow pace

3 burpees

100m medium pace


Workout – OPEX lactic test

3 rounds – Max effort

250m row

10 KBS

10 burpees

10 KBS

10 burpees

10 KBS

250m row

*12min REST btw each round


Foam roll quads 30sec/side

Foam roll lats 30sec/side


General warm up 

Banded shoulder warm up (constant tension)

10 pull aparts + 10 diagonal pull aparts 

+ 10 passovers + 10 diagonal passovers

10 heavy WB

4 wall walks + side roll on ground

Wrist mobility 1min

2 rounds w BB

5 power clean

5 front squats

5 push jerks

Part A

EMOM for 4min



EMOM for 4min

3x jerk


EMOM for 4min

1x clean + 1x front squat + 1x thruster

Specific Warmup

20 squats + 20 lunges

Butt kicks + frankenstine’s

+Toe flicks + walking calf raises

+ 1min of agility ladder

+3min of muscle/pullup practice

Part B 

For time


MU / burpee pullup




*15min cut off


Rig calf stretch 1min/side

Banded 3-way-shoulder stretch 30sec/side

Forward fold stretch 1min


General warm up

Challenge team – dead ball runs relay (3min)

2 rounds

5 active planks

5 banded passovers

5 light face angels

10 cat-cow stretches

10 active handstands

2 soft mat forward roll

Part A

4 rounds

10 ring rows

10 HS shoulder taps

10 V ups

Specific warmup

1 round of burgener warmup w BB (x5 of each)

Down and up

Elbows high and outside

Muscle snatch

Snatch land

Snatch drop

Hang power snatch

Part B – Snatch block

17min AMRAP


Power snatch

+1 leg less rope climb


Cobra stretch 30sec/side

Dead rig hang 2x 10sec

Barbell smash upper traps 30sec/side

Trigger upper traps 30sec/side


Warm up

Team bike cal challenge

2 rounds

10 single leg calf raises

5 banded passovers

10 heavy WB

5 pullups

10 DB thrusters

1 wall walk


Partner – running clock

8min AMRAP

20 CTB

30 WB

50 DU

*2min REST


5 thrusters

5 burpees over bar

*Partner hangs from rig. 1:1 minute

*2min REST

10min AMRAP

12 synchro (sng arm) DB push jerk

6 box jump over / each

12 synchro DB snatch

2 wall walk / each

*25min cut off. F [30-50] M [40-60]


Foam roll quads 1min/side

Trigger chest 30sec/side

Trigger calves 30sec/side

Trigger front shoulder 30sec/side

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