This is Marissa.

Marissa is your local Dialogue Physiotherapist 🙂

Here at Dialogue Physio, we use a modern and holistic approach in all sessions that teach and incorporate REAL movement into your life!

We understand that we may be a little different to other Physio’s and therapy sessions you’ve had, but with our common end goal being your quality of life and longevity, we tend to not solely focus on your pain but why you’ve developed the pain!

Dialogue Physio guarantees development and maintenance in your overall function and wellness. We do this through assessments and corrective exercises for strength, control & flexibility, nutritional guidance and mental wellbeing!

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We accept Private Health, DVA clients, Army referrals and Medicare

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Dry Needling – Soft tissue release – Mobilisations – Myofascial release – Exercise programs – Acupuncture – Taping – Heat therapy – Range of movement – Exercise & activation – Theragun – Neuromuscular facilitation – Injury prevention – Mobility & flexibility – Cold therapy – Myobar – Postural control – Strength – Sports specific – Desensitisation – General health assessments – Active release therapy – Relaxation – Goal setting – Trigger point therapy – mobility assessments – Exercise technique / critique – Cupping

When you book be sure to bring a smile because shit is about to get FIXED!